Who Would Have Thought?

…that three members of the BRSB were at one time members of the West Point Bands?

…that three members were, at different times, in the trumpet section of the Syracuse Symphony?

…that many members are, or have been, band directors at colleges, public and private schools?

…that one of the horn players in the BRSB was a chemist?

…that one of the horn players was a computer systems analyst at the Pentagon?

…that two of the trumpet players were/are financial advisors?

…that one of the members has visited over 50 of our nation’s National Parks?

…that more than one of the members likes to brew their own beer?

…that our trumpet players own anywhere from five to ten trumpets, pitched in different keys?

…that some of the tuba players even have more than one tuba?  (think about carting those around!)

…that one of the members taught music and band at military base schools in Europe for thirty years?

…that two of the trumpet players are married to each other and have performed together in brass
quintets, orchestras, brass bands and for lots of church services and weddings?

…that one of the percussionists in the BRSB also plays horn and recorder and performs regularly with
a Recorder Consort dressed in Medieval costume?